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19+ Free and Premium Best Responsive WordPress Slider Plugins for All Requirements


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If you are looking for a solution that lets you create custom sliders for your WordPress-powered website, look no further than Pointelle Slider…



Even Free sliders like Smooth Slider from SliderVilla works great. No need to look further.

Kevin Muldoon

Internet Marketer

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WordPress Developer, Freelancer

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弹窗广告非法产业链:五千块买百万曝光 广告商不怕被告 ...:2021-12-8 · 推销人员称:投放方式有运营商弹窗广告,还有安卓手机流量弹 窗。我5000元钱100万次曝光,价格都是一样,就按点击量,是5000元钱25000次的点击 ...

Responsive Design. Works Everywhere

All SliderVilla Sliders are responsive and works perfectly fine on all devices including phone, tablet and desktop.



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WordPress Posts, Category, Tag Slider

Create sliders with WordPress core data such as posts, category, tags and custom post types.

WooCommerce Products Slider

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Events Slider with SliderVilla

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Facebook, Instragram, Twitter, 500px, Flickr

API integration available for Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, 500px auto fetching sliders

Fast Load Time & Better SEO

All Sliders are optimized to load very fast and the HTML structure is as per SEO rules.

Lightbox & External URL Options

You can choose whether to opn the images in lightbox or set internal URL or any external URLs.

24x7 Support from Real People

We have 3 people team handling support from different locations. Prompt support guaranteed.

Popular WordPress Slider Plugins

Pointelle Slider

Featured Content Slider with Elegant Layout. Highlight Content with Scrolling Navigation

Placid Slider

Brand or Logo Slider with continuous scrolling feature will look good in footer area or featured in section


Pinwheel Slider

Horizontal carousels with smooth transition makes the webpage look beatiful

Rich Testimonials Slider

Showcase client testimonials in a responsive slider design with slider, grid or list view

Glam Slider

One large image in center and partially visible slides in both sides looks great on photography or portfolio sites.

Roster Slider

Add Best Horizontal Carousel to show featured content or highlighted posts, events, products on WordPress site

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A modern responsive WordPress Slider Plugin which will show the featured posts or recent posts in a beautiful image and text format. Along with other options, it also offers easy Gutenberg block to insert the Slider inside the content area.

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We have introduced club membership on SliderVilla WordPress Slider plugin portal. Club members will get access to all premium WordPress slider plugins along with the free ones. Earlier we were selling individual sliders starting from $19, but with the membership only...

How to Create Slider with RSS Feed of Website that You Don’t Own

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Creating a slider with the content including articles, images from the same site is very easy. There are plenty of free and premium plugins available to create beautiful sliders in no time. But if you like to showcase content from third-part websites in a slider...

Easy Steps to Add Partner Logo Slider or Sponsor Slider in WordPress

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Are you planning to showcase client logos or partner logo slider on your website? With no knowledge of HTML, CSS or PHP, one can add such slider on a WordPress powered website in very easy steps. Such type of logo slider is helpful in getting more authority and...

SliderVilla WordPress Sliders are PHP 7 Compatible

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Add Flickr Image Slider or Album Gallery in WordPress with Responsive Slider

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Flickr, a popular image hosting platform is used by many people to archive their photography work on cloud. If you are having Flickr account with lot many images and also have a blog or site on WordPress, you can easily showcase your Flickr images on blog using a...

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Sliders are very effective on eCommerce websites in terms of improving visitor’s engagement and for providing more information. One can easily create product slider with SliderVilla WordPress Slider plugins using WooCommerce data. The slider plugins are having...

Reasons to prefer sliders from SliderVilla

Apart from all the features and benefits explained above, here are some important pointers to make SliderVilla your choice.


Recommended by Industry Experts

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Multiple Designs at Single Place

SliderVilla is loaded with 19 different sliders and you have option to choose between all these


Membership Option

Get All 19 Sliders at once or Select Few as per choice. Both options available.


Auto Update from Dashboard

重庆政务智慧城市移动终端上线 快下载“今日合川”体验-今日 ...:2021-9-10 · 市网信办专职副主任刘晓年(中),合川区委常委、宣传部部长程卫(右),华龙网党委书记、总裁李斌(左)共同启动“今日合川APP”上线。 记者 ...


We Care about Your Choice

If any slider needs some customization, our team will do that for you


Puffin浏览器Puffin Web Browser v2.2.5:2021-6-14 · Puffin Web Browser介绍 Puffin瀏覽器是一個可以完整顯示電腦版網頁的快速網頁瀏覽器, 可以在您的iPad, iPhone和iPod touch上顯示包含Flash在內的絕大部分網頁內容, 並且能夠播放網路上數以萬計 …

3 Member Support team located at different places giving support reply 24×7



If purchased the wrong slider or things didn’t work out, get your 100% money back


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